Exports of leather and leather products have gained momentum during the past 3 decades. Due to this growth, the Indian leather industry has attained recognition in the international market besides occupying a place of pride among the export earners of the country. Today, our potential has grown adequately to cater to 10% of the worlds market demand. As a direct result of this, the government is encouraging the leather export industry by offering various incentives for setting up units to achieve this growth.

The Indian leather industry is the 8th largest foreign exchange earner for India. By the year 2012 it is likely to achieve foreign exchange earnings of approx $7 billion. The leather sector export constitutes more than 7% of the country´s export basket. Based on the information received from the Indian Brand Equity Foundation for the year 2004-2005, shoe and sole exports contribute to almost 32% of India´s entire leather product turnover.